Sunday, December 31, 2017

Great movie, highly recommend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to Prayer

Sorry for being absent for so long but the world is no easy place and my time has been unfairly occupied by my responsibilities. First to iterate my stance on prayer, prayer can be a wonderful thing but it can also be destructive to people. Prayer when used appropriately can achieve great things. It has been known to lift people's spirits and in doing so help heal those who are ill more rapidly. This is the way that prayer should be used.

Unfortunately our society has gotten prayer happy. They choose to pray to a very busy deity for all of their silly little problems rather taking care of things themselves. The most irritating of all these prayers involves catholics praying to patron saints for help. While you may say they aren't praying to god per se, the idea behind it is still the same. I have found myself becoming rather irritated whenever I hear someone praying to saint anthony to find something they lost when they should be out looking for it. Or praying to Saint Christopher for safe travel before they drive somewhere. It feels like people are passing responsibility for their lives onto anyone possible, even dead people or deities.

An-arkism has a rather relaxed look on prayer except under these circumstances. Prayer should be used to lift spirits, not for personal gain. Praying for personal gain shows the same selfishness that mankind is surrounded by and may very well be leading us to another disaster if god has checked in on our progress recently. I find it difficult to believe that our behavior as a society is any better than it was just before the great flood.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Differences between the big three

There are a fair few monotheistic religions that are currently being followed by people all over the world. Three of the big ones that I will discuss are Catholicism, Islam, and Christianity. They all hold prayer as a major part of their belief structures.

This is something that An-Arkism has not embraced. While prayer is something that people often do, either to feel closer to god, or to get over problems that they face in their life, this is not necessary in this religion. The truth is that god is an extremely busy entity and cannot be bothered with all of our little problems. God has an entire universe to look after. The flood was created when god did a random check on our progress and saw what we had become. God chose Noah and saved the human race. It is not currently clear if god has checked in on us lately but if this deity did, then we may very well be in trouble. We have forgotten the teachings that Noah held so dear and made him god's choice to keep humanity going. That teaching revolves around treating other people around you as though they are as important as you are. Every decision that you make affects countless people around you. Always think twice before doing something that will make other people worse off for your benefit. Is it really the right thing to do? Please think on this and come back for the rest of Noah's teachings.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The First Post

This post is just to acclimate everyone to how wrong they have all been up to this point. The one true savior whom everyone should give praise to is none other than Noah. He and his children were the only people on earth god decided to save when he sent in his killer flood. How amazing would someone have to be to get that kind of recognition?

If you feel as I do that Noah is the one true disciple then please join An-Arkism and worship with me.

Humbly yours